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Because the discontinuous quantity is the quantity that it is not possible to find a common border that parts of themselves. For example, the number of five, which is part of the number of five, which is a second five, and in the same way, there is a common border with three seven. But all parts of the number ten are apart from each other. When it comes to the word, it is one quantity due to the measurement of himself, it is one quantity. This piece is the smallest part that can be talked to him, which is either a long syllable, or “Le” like “LE”. The promise is also from discontinuous quantities. Because the parts of the mention do not have a common limit where they are adjacent to each other, ie the syllables are apart. When it comes to the line, surface, object and venue; Since the parts of each of each of them are able to have a common boundary or limits, they are continuous quantities. This joint boundary line is on the surface and the line is on the surface; The surface in the section is moment when at time. It means that the parts of the line are pointing to each other, the parts of the surface, the parts of the object, the parts of each other are the two parts of each other, and the two parts called the future. When it comes to the venue, the parts of the body filled it and partner

If there is an area at a border, the parts of the space must also be adjacent to each other with a common limit. When this is the case, the space is continuous quantities.

The third chapter is the quantity consisting of parts according to each other; Line is surface, object and space. The meaning of the part of the parts to each other is that its all parts exist together. Because if the parts are not found together, no part of them is a situation according to the other. Again, the other meaning is: take the part of them, take it in a particular direction of this quantity; Either you find it up, either down and adjacent with a particular part of it. For example, the parts of the line are located together and each of the parts is in a particular direction and adjacent to a particular part that follows itself. It is also the case in parts of the surface, parts of the object and on the parts of the space. Because whether space or spaces, whether or not the body of Aristoteles get the surface from the outside; The parts of the space filled the parts of the object are in the form of existing. When it comes to the number, they are from these three situations in their parts other than say their unite; We do not find any of them in a particular direction of each of them and that they are adjacent to a particular track. The time and so-called situation is exactly the case, so their pieces are not together. Because there is no fixtures (invariance) in parts of the time and the mention; From these parts, then it does not come to the previous one. The bilacic number and the parts of the time have a certain layout. A part of the time first comes after a part. The case is the case; Because two, before three, but there is no (parts) situation.

These first brees of the fourth chapter quantities are the actual terms and the first quantities.

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