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Therefore, the messenger, reads, the viewer should consider instead of the listener. ” This sentence also includes answering the possible questions of the target group. Another dimension of thinking in place of the target group is known how to read the news, monitored or rest. According to the observation research, for example, readers in written audience communication tools, they look at photos and pictures, followed by the title, sub-title and huge fleshy puntolu (BOLD) spots, after examining the news. Therefore, thinking instead of the read, it also requires the information in the news text is the most easily understood. “Will the title news will provide the ‘Flash (input phrase) to read? Flash is encouraging to teach the second paragraph? Will the second paragraph will be able to read its 3rd? Where the reader stopped reading, will it be the last word of the news? ” In the same form, the image is also dominant in the text, the image is always dominant to the text, enabled sentences (stunning slogans) to the text intensify. 6. 1. The Input Department of the news is the first sentence (Flash), the most important element of the news, or the result is the result. This section should include the most important, most interesting, most effective, most striking item in the news. The login sentence of the news should be short and self. It should be able to have an idea of ​​the content of that news, who reads or listen to the first sentence. The more stunning the entry part of the news, the other parts will be monitored under that influence. For this purpose, “The news begins in the first sentence, ends in the first sentence.” are called. The first sentence of the news is generally, the first paragraph of the news 77

creates. Therefore, it should be absolutely avoided to add other sentences to the first paragraph. This is the general rule. Although the first sentence is the essence of the news, it is not the word warehouse. Therefore the first sentence should be easily understood, comfortable. Examples: 1- US Defense Minister Willam Perry asked the former Soviet Republics to the discount on nuclear weapons. 2- Japan’s leading businessmen expressed the concern they hear the production from the country of the country. 3- When driving the civil war in Yemen, northern powers were charged with killing southern battle captives. 4- CHP General Vice President irfan Gürpınar, “Government should show an understanding of the desk that has occurred.” said. 5- fine to pass the length of stay of tourists in Turkey have been announced will be implemented. 6- Firefighter officials call Istanbul to clean the housing of their housing. 7- In Taksim, 5 people killed against the chain traffic accident in this morning, 12 people were injured. 8- In Kartal, a construction collapsed, 7 workers remained under the dent. 9- Saint Josephs Association organized the panel on the “Current issues in Turkish National Education”. 10- In the city center of Bitlis, the snow thickness has found 60 centimeters. Pulitzer Award Owner American Journalist Lauren (Deak) Lyman reported that in 1935 has changed an entry of news for New York Times 13 times. 6. 2. The Body of the Body Le Monde has ranked the virtues of “Znaatkar Journalist”: 78

“Respect, definitivity, cases, text and figures, and figures, expression comfort, rapidity, rapid domination to the communication techniques, and to be at the service of continuous profession.

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